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  • Gravestone and Memorial Inscriptions: St Mary's Church, Olveston

    A record of gravestone and memorial inscriptions in St Mary's Church and churchyard compiled by Olveston Parish Historical Society.

    Over time, some of the inscriptions have been lost, either in part or entirely, and are still being lost, as the memorials weather and decay. In many cases, the headstones are carved from sandstone which, over the course of time, loses its surface layer by a natural weathering process called 'exfoliation'. It was in order to capture what remains, before further deterioration, that OPHS initiated this project.

    Twenty local residents took part in compiling these records. All surviving information from the gravestones was transcribed and the positions of all the graves remapped. In total, 958 graves and 76 ashes interments were surveyed and more than 300 memorials were photgraphed. We should like to photograph all the gravestones and memorials and put these images on the website along with the transcriptions.

    We hope the information presented here will provide a rich resource for all those researching parish and family history.

    What to do next

    Use the links below to find out more about the project and to discover how to search for a particular person's grave.
    Clicking on a link will open a pdf file. You can view this on-line and/or save it to a folder on your own computer.

  • Introduction

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  • Memorial Inscription List

  • Churchyard Plan (Zoom in to read the numbers)