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    Blasts From The Past

    Village Fete - 2011

    Village Fete - 2010

    Garden Party - 2009

    Replacement of The Cross - 2008

    Village Fete - 2008

    Garden Party - 2008

    New Year's Eve - 2008

    Village Fete - 2007

    Harvest Festival - 2007

    If you would like to add any photographs to the above, please email us here.

    Surveying in the Churchyard

    Following the recent digital mapping project of memorials and gravestones in the churchyard of St Mary's Olveston, plans are in place for a geophysical survey of the old graveyard. Volunteers from ?A Forgotten Landscape? (AFL), a local, Lottery-funded, project, will be bringing sensitive technology to examine what lies under the ground remotely, without actually having to dig holes!

    The church has identified a number of locations in the original cemetery where there are no records of a burial and no evident remains of a grave. These may offer opportunities for more interments in this busy graveyard. As part of the assessment of suitable plots for future burials, the church has asked AFL for advice on whether geophysical techniques can help.

    The AFL archaeology team will be coming to the churchyard to perform an ?earth resistance? survey. This will take one or two days. A group of 4 or 5 volunteers will be laying out tapes to form a measurement grid on the ground. Then they will be walking the resistance meter up and down to criss-cross the area. The technique does not move any earth and measurements are focused on the soil surface. This method is widely used on sensitive, and highly protected, archaeological environments. Indeed the team has recently completed a major survey at the Toot in Oldbury-on-Severn, a nationally recognised Scheduled Monument further north in the Severn valley.

    Measurements in churchyards are notoriously difficult and whether the results will be good enough to help identify empty graves is not clear but the results could be really useful. So don't be alarmed if you find the team at work in the graveyard!

    Come and join friends at the Village Coffee Shop in Olveston Stores every Thursday from 10am to 12 noon.
    Fresh coffee, chocolate or tea with a home made cake or biscuit for just £1.
    There's a permanent book swap shop there too with a wide selection of paperbacks.
    If you can help by making cakes or biscuits, please contact Pauline Wright.
    Ultimately profits will help towards new coffee-making facilities here in church.

    (For details of forthcoming events in and around Olveston, see the Events page of the online Meeting Point magazine.)