The CHAT group is so-called because it stands for Come Here And Talk, and it is what it says! There are nine meetings through the year, usually in term times, and there are usually eight to ten of us there. We gather to talk about topical issues which challenge us in today’s world. The group originated in a Lent Group back in 2002, and it retains a Christian ethos, but we are not all Christians and we listen and learn from each other, and hopefully broaden our views.

The topic for discussion is chosen the month before, as is a chairperson prepared to kick us off on the subject, and members of the group take turns to host the evening. Discussions begin at 7.30pm and at 9pm we adjourn for a light supper of soup, cheese and wine. It’s all very informal and people who come find it both stimulating and valuable.

If you’d like to know more, ring Sue Farr on 01454 614861.