GreenforceGREEN FORCE is a group of people from St Mary’s church who would like to make a positive difference to our beautiful planet. We are soon to be part of a scheme within our area (in some cases under the larger project run by Terracycle) which will support local schools that will benefit either from money or vouchers to go towards education. Plans are currently being discussed to have a collection point in our village in the early autumn. Further details will be published once these have been finalised.

Currently ALL of the following items in South Glos have to be put into our black bins and taken to landfill but we hope you will join us in reducing this and having our local schools benefit instead. If you wish to see what happens to these items once the schools pass them on, please go to

In the meantime if you have space to temporarily store at home and can help us to support local schools, please start collecting:

  • Crisp wrappers including multipack outer packaging (Walkers scheme but all brands accepted)
  • Dental waste – floss containers, toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and caps, electric and battery toothbrush heads, any plastic or carton outer packaging (Colgate scheme but all brands accepted)
  • Writing instruments – all pens, highlighters, markers, felt tips, but NOT wooden pencils and chalk (BIC scheme but all brands accepted).