Olveston and Tockington Local Churches
This group was started by Rev Anita Thorne in 1994 under the name Care Group, and the name has since changed to Support Group, but both names indicate its origins and purpose.

It was formed to give support to the community in various ways. Newcomers to the parish are welcomed. There is a volunteer transport system to hep with visits to hospital, the dentist, etc. At Christmas and at other discretionary times plants and flowers are given to the housebound, the sick and the recently bereaved. Cards are sent to those in hospital.

A group of a dozen are on the team and they meet regularly to review activities and share information. The group tries to help all who live in the parish. It is an ecumenical group but recipients of care and support don’t have to be connected to any of the churches. We just try to respond to emergencies and unexpected situations as a temporary measure.

For more information or for actual support, contact June Hahn who is the group co-ordinator and transport organiser on 01454 612352, or Pat Thirkettle on 01454 612084.