What on earth – or should I say – “in” the earth, is this all about????

Well, it’s all about RECYCLING. And actually it is very interesting.

So, on Saturday 28th September, Mike Woodman from SUEZ, the waste collector organisation, is going to give a talk in St Mary’s, Olveston about all aspects of recycling.

We all know what we should do and why we should do it and we probably all DO IT, but there are probably a lot of questions floating around at the back of your mind like; REFUSE? Just what IS refuse? Or; how can we REDUCE our waste; or can we REPLACE it? Or perhaps, REUSE it????

Mike will have all the answers – and you might well be surprised at some of the answers. Actually those of us in South Gloucs recycle over 60% of our waste, which compared to many other areas is actually quite high. But we could do better – and why not 100%?

Alongside the talk there will be a quiz (so pay attention) and a model making competition for the very young ones.

Entrance is free, no charge, but if you want to leave a donation…….

9:30 start; 12:30 close. More details from Sue Farr and Margaret Gibson.