All types of people visit St Mary’s at all times of day and evening, and there are many church activities taking place outside the building. There are young children, mums and dads and elderly, often lonely, people. Everyone knows that children must be protected at all times but so must other vulnerable groups, including those with mental health issues or frailty through old age.

St Mary’s has a dedicated team of Safeguarders led by Debbie Harries who can be contacted at all times on 07870 557961 or 01454 613273.

The team members are experienced, compassionate and extremely discreet.

If you are experiencing any difficulties, physical or mental, or if you even just suspect that someone you know is being abused, then please ring Debbie straightaway. The team may also be able to help even if the person being ill-treated is not a member of our church community. It is better to be safe than sorry.