FOODBANK. The North Bristol Foodbank is desperately keen for both food and cash donations. Food can still be left in the church porch from where Paul Harrod collects and delivers it the the NBFB; but if you want to make a donation: North Bristol Foodbank; sort code 08 92 99 ac no 65641585. Or how about becoming a volunteer? Just go to their website.

CHRISTIAN AID WEEK is almost upon us again. St Mary’s has a great tradition of supporting emerging countries, especially in Africa. This year the idea currently being promoted is “buy a wheelbarrow”. The cost would be £30. A wheelbarrow is a very tangible, useful, practical and inexpensive gift to an African family. More on this as the idea develops.

SILENCE was so noticeable as I walked up the path to St Mary’s. A squirrel scurried up the ancient yew tree, surprised by a rare human visitor. Insert the key into the lock and step inside. SILENCE. The clock had stopped. No lights on. No chit chat. Out of date posters for events that will never happen. No hum from the boiler. No organ music. Half deflated balloons from a final service held long ago. Sunlight streaming through the South windows, but not a murmur, not even passing traffic, no footsteps, just SILENCE.

Seen in a church magazine: On Friday the Ladies Literary Society will meet and Mrs Fleming will sing “Put me in my little bed” accompanied by the Vicar