There were worries that food supplies to the North Bristol Foodbank would tail off as the church is closed. An appeal went out however, to the congregation and the Village Volunteers. Anybody who could donate was asked to leave food and sundries in the church porch. The response was overwhelming and with money left there too. Yesterday Paul Harrod collected everything and took it to North Bristol Foodbank. Well done Paul. Everyone – keep those supplies coming – and thank you.

The Tower Appeal continues to gather pace but obviously the schedule has been affected by the current crisis. It had been hoped to start work in June, however the master mason of our preferred contractors is a member of the RAF reserves and has been called up.  The absence of such an important craftsman means a delay of several months. There is a bright side in as much that there will now be more time to involve the schools in the design of the crockets (crockets – the 4 pointy things on top of the tower). In the Autumn term the children will turn their creative minds to the specialised stonework and over the winter the masons can carve them. Once completed they will be hoisted in to position on top of the tower. The major tower repairs will now probably start in the Spring of 2021 with completion hopefully before the end of that year.

One person who always seems cheerful despite obviously being run off he feet, is Sarah Riggs, proprietor of Olveston Stores. You are doing a fantastic job Sarah – we all thank you.