Saturday 31st August saw 16 extremely fit church members and guests gather in St John’s, Aust, ready to walk where few had gone before – to Littleton! And then on to distant Elberton and even further still to Olveston.

All this in aid of Sow and Grow.

Setting out from Aust.

Intrepid leader Rod Williams forged ahead at 9.30 with the rest of us trying to keep up. He does have very long legs.

After leaving Aust Services we marched steadfastly North along the banks of the Severn pursued by the sun and some errant cattle.  Along the way we saw a pair of grey herons. Two hours later a coffee break in Littleton Hall and then on to St Mary’s Church, Littleton for a look around and admire the manicured graveyard. And then the forecast rain hit! These, however, were seasoned walkers, and a little drop of rain didn’t deter them from striding back to the Hall for lunch.

Soon after 1pm we set off again, through farmyards and backwater fields one never sees from the road. None of us knew about an industrial estate in Elberton. Nor much about the ancient road outside Rock House in Elberton which then passes alongside the Bamfords’ house. St John’s church in Elberton was the next stop with time to appreciate the tranquility of its, still, Victorian interior.

Up hill and down dale we trailed until finally the welcome tower of OUR St Mary’s appeared.

Thanks to: Lesley for organising it; Rod for planning the route and giving out a basketful of history along the way; Pat Hinton and Sue Farr for refreshments in Littleton – and all of those who walked over 7 miles to help raise what will hopefully be £1,200 towards the Sow and Grow Appeal.

Safe return to Olveston