On the 17th February 2021 we enter the season of 40 days of preparation for Easter, known as Lent.  This year we would invite you to join us

Ash Wednesday communion Service 17 February

which will be livestreamed from St Mary’s Almondsbury at 10 a.m. please use the Zoom Link below

Or for one of our Lent Study Groups

Tuesday Zoom Group at 11 a.m. starting on 16 February please use the Zoom Link below

Wednesday Group at 11.15 please phone Judith Heybyrne 01454 616725

Thursday Zoom Group at 7.30pm please use the Zoom Link below


Meeting ID: 484 794 9535. Passcode: 700999 

You can also phone into this service using this telephone number 0203 051 2874 

Study Material

In non-Covid times we would be invited to join a small group to share our journey together. This not now being possible in personal groups, North Severnside has taken up the recommendation of Bishop Viv to study the Archbishop’s Lent Book, Living His Story, in a user friendly booklet #LiveLent God’s Story, Our Story. This is similar in format to Comfort and Joy which many enjoyed at Christmas, and will be made available to all on the Electoral Roll before Ash Wednesday.

By reading #LiveLent God’s Story, Our Story at home we will journey together with others.

Each week’s material is based on a New Testament verse, highlighting part of God’s Story. There will be comment on this verse each week in the online services.

God’s Story and Our Story continue together.

“Living His Story” The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book by the Rev Dr Hannah Steele.

ISBN  978-0-281-08517-0                   Available as eBook  ISBN 978-0-281-08518-7

#LiveLent God’s Story, Our Story   Single Copy ISBN 978 1 78140 232 0

 LENT CHARITY One 25. Registered Charity Number 1062391

 How well do you remember thirty years ago?  Val Jeal was working in the café at the Salvation Army and she noticed that nobody was looking after the Street Sex-Workers, or Prostitutes as they were known, amongst other things, in those days.  In 2020, thanks to that concern and One 25, thirty-seven women broke free from street sex work and started a new life, a number that has grown steadily in those thirty years. Those women never chose to be there; they fled from abusive families or children’s homes, they missed out on an education, they got in with the ‘wrong ‘crowd of ‘friends ’and became drug addicts; they were trapped in a circle of poverty, trying to take care of a partner and children. Thirty years ago, certain streets in central Bristol were crowded with these women, now only the most chaotic and vulnerable are there; the majority of sex workers now solicit online or by text messaging, and they truly are ‘unseen’; they are even more vulnerable to domestic violence and random crime. One 25 engages with all aspects of their lives, starting with their hunger, safety, and homelessness. Please give to this local charity this Lent by following this link