Minutes of this meeting will be published here as soon as available.

Among the matters discussed was the possible reinstatement of the 4 pews removed 18 months ago in the South aisle. The Archdeacon’s licence to remove has expired but as the PCC was almost equally divided on the matter, the Vicar undertook to ask the Archdeacon for an extension whilst the issue to be resolved.

The PCC also voted to purchase 30 of the stackable chairs which have been trialled in the South aisle. The armless chairs were preferred and will shortly be ordered. Upto 30 can be safely stacked in one pile. The rearmost pew in the North aisle will be removed to provide storage space for the chairs once permission has been granted by the Archdeacon.

The PCC agreed to up its Parish Share to £60,000 and to carry out improvements to the Sound system.