St Mary’s and Olveston community has its own recycling committee comprising Val Harding, Stella Chick, Christine Healey, Jo Amos and Margaret Gibson, with Sue Farr leading the team.

They have already instituted sectioning of waste materials in the church and on Saturday 28th September they promoted an awareness morning.

About 60 people came along to listen to guest speakers Mike Wildman and Andrew Gore from the SUEZ depot in Yate. Members of the team had previously visited the depot and were very impressed by the segregation mechanisation in use there to separate all types of materials (South Glos recycles about 70% of the waste generated in the area).

Other speakers included Hannah Bush (who’s parents Robin and Penny were for many years members of St Mary’s) of the Bristol City Council Sustainability Team and Richard Lloyd who talked about tree planting in South Glos.

Saffia Bullock, the editor of “JUNO MAGAZINE FOR NATURAL PARENTING” was also on hand to answer questions. Hannah and Saffia had an excellent motto: “Recycle, Reuse, Refuse, Reject and Rethink”.

Jo & Bernard Amos organised a stimulating quiz for the children and awarded a prize to the most innovative recycled model.