In 2018 serious structural problems were identified in the chancel. Two window arches were in danger of collapse. Specialist contractors were engaged to make the arches safe putting the chancel out of use for several weeks in May 2019.

Once the work had been completed and the new plasterwork allowed to dry the contractors redecorated the whole of the chancel, ceiling and walls included. In particular, the mullions (the vertical stones supporting the arches) were also limewashed and now look stupendous.

The recently decorated chancel

The beautiful stained glass windows are enhanced by the new limewash

The Rev Steve Oram has  started an experiment using the High Chancel for Communion on special occasions.

Many thanks must go to Peter Floyd for his invaluable architectural advice (along with the church architect, Marcus Chantry) and to Mike Wright for overseeing the whole project from specification, to finding contractors and execution of the work .