The Friends of St Mary’s has suspended its monthly draw for the time being. Lucky winners receive a cheque, but taking one to a bank is technically illegal at the moment. Organisers Andy Phillips and David Prothero have said that once the draw resumes they will be held more frequently so as to catch up on the backlog. A formal statement will appear on the webpage under CAUSES very shortly.

For those of you who are still getting up early (ie around 8am) you will surely want to listen to Rev Steve Oram on Radio Bristol tomorrow, Sunday. He will be talking around 8:40am about our Church Tower Appeal – let’s all tune in.

With Easter (Christianity’s greatest festival) upon us, one cannot help but feel that the Church of England has blundered with its “churches closed” policy. At a time when so many, believers and those who want to believe, would find private prayer a great comfort, shutting churches is a foot-shooting exercise. Furthermore, the Government has said that churches CAN be opened for private prayer.

If you’ve ever wondered what an overworked village shop owner dreams about at night – well here is exclusive news. It is CHOCOLATE immediately followed by “How on earth am I going to get all the deliveries done tomorrow.” Thank you for sharing this with us Sarah.

Seen in a church magazine: Year 8 will be performing Shakespeare’s Hamlet in church on Friday. The congregation is invited to attend this tragedy.