Seeing that it is Sunday, don’t forget to tune in to the whole Benefice service, a You Tube video: it is in your emails on Friday just gone.

Has anybody else noticed that there seem to be a lot more private cars on our local roads than two weeks ago? Are people frustrated by the lockdown and flouting the Government advice – don’t make unnecessary journeys.

A couple, whilst walking on Church Hill, saw another couple who lived there, and said wouldn’t it be nice if we sat on the bench, you brought out the wine and, whilst maintaining at least 2 metres apart, we chatted away?

A new feature starting today: everyone knows that it will be a New England when CV19 is defeated. But everyone has different views on the future. Here then, is the first opinion (anonymous of course):                                                                                                                                          “I am more optimistic than pessimistic about what life will be like after lockdown is over. My guess is that entrepreneurs will be the one’s kick-starting the economy. It’ll take 3 – 4 years for the country to really recover and there will be a lot of pain and misery in that time. Some people will not live to see normal life again. Here in Olveston, we are more fortunate than perhaps people in other areas, like inner cities. However, one only has to look at how quickly Germany and Italy recovered after defeat in the 2nd World War to realise that it happened before – it can happen again.” From a retired engineer.

Church humour: The little boy came home from Sunday school very excited. “Mummy” he said “I’m going to be in next Sunday’s play.” Mummy asked “What part are you going to play?”             He replied “The Vicar wants me to play the husband!”      Mummy says “Well you go straight back and tell him you want a speaking part.”