A bumper blog for you today: the latest edition of Church News, then the 8am service, (in case you weren’t out of bed by then), followed by the main service and finally a clever little ditty by Rev David Bone, intended mainly for the choir but…..

Tomorrow we will be back with all the usual news items. Happy Sunday.

Church News 3rd May

8am 3rd May 2020 Online HC service

Lockdown Lament
To the tune: What a friend

When this wretched lockdown’s over,
O how happy we shall be!
Friends and fam’ly can come over,
We’ll forget the misery.
O for worshipping together,
That’s the way for you and me.
O when two or three foregather,
Jesus in the midst will be.

Solo worship’s fine and dandy
When you’ve got no company,
Now we’ve Zoom, which comes in handy,
Cheers for new technology.
But of course we’re simply waiting,
For the chance to meet for real,
There is really no debating —
How we’ll sing again with zeal!