It’s THURSDAY so, at 8pm:

Get out of that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans; get out of that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans,  because the NHS is blessed, and I’m a grateful fan.  (With apologies to Bill Haley)

A very happy 100th birthday to Colonel Tom Moore (just been promoted from Captain) and bless you for raising £29,000,000 for the NHS.

One consequence of the present crisis which is going to hit St Mary’s, is the fact that almost all charities have either closed their doors or redirected their gifting to causes directly affected by Coronavirus. This means that raising the last £40,000 for the Tower Appeal, will be much harder to achieve than before.

We have previously reported on a German study showing only a small drop in harmful NO2 emissions (thought to be created by cars, lorries, buses etc) in cities, pre-lockdown and post-lockdown. Now, a study using Bristol City Council’s own data. shows a similar non-effect in Temple Way, Bristol. The periods covered were the weeks beginning 9th March (pre lockdown) and 30th March (well in to lockdown). It has long been assumed that vehicular traffic is the cause of these harmful emissions but the evidence does not back up the reality. Something very strange is going on. Interesting too, that the City Council still purchased 64 DIESEL vans in 2019 for its own use, whilst proposing a total ban on diesel vehicles in the city centre!

A local lady, intelligent and a church-goer, says that she finds the village a scary place to be these days. She also wonders where the church is (metaphorically) now and where will it be in one, two months time? Her thought process seems to be that the “church and its  community” hasn’t been around for a while now, do I still need it?

A New England: Life after lockdown.

“I think that once lockdown ends, big companies will re-assess their offices strategy. Their current thinking doesn’t make sense, especially when so many people are now used to working at home. I also think that a number of airlines will go to the wall and hopefully flying for pleasure will reduce. (This correspondent holds very strong ecological views – Ed). I worry about a 2nd pandemic, if the virus reoccurs again strongly, we will certainly have to implement a 2 week quarantine for anyone coming into the country. That would, of course, be put into practice in other countries, so international tourism would come to an end which would probably be a good thing for the planet. My biggest worry is that greed, the desire for money, will overcome the social gains we have made these past 2 months.” Source: an independent IT consultant

Child’s letter to God: Dear God – thank you for sending me a baby brother but what I really prayed for was a puppy. Love from Millie