After 6 years being Olveston Parish’s footpath liaison officer, Rod Williams has retired from the post. The Council has thanked Rod for his sterling work keeping our footpaths open, signposted and clear. It is hoped that some other like-minded person will step forward to carry on the work with South Glos.

When discussing the church organ, one’s words have to be very carefully chosen, so here goes: with the church being closed for 7 weeks, our Director of Music has become concerned about his organ. Apparently, and we are quoting the organ specialists Harrison and Harrison, “organs remain more reliable when they are used regularly”. Anyway, enough of that, we’ll leave it to David.

The House of Bishops met a few days ago and amongst other things, discussed how churches should be re-opened when the time comes. In a nutshell, they agreed that churches will remain closed until the Government says they can open again. However, when they are permitted to reopen it will be phased, first with clergy on their own (perhaps for video streaming), then some ceremonies and then with worship services. In all these scenarios, social distancing and other hygiene practices will be complied with.

A New England: Life after lockdown:

“Once lockdown is over I can’t see businessmen and women jetting all over the globe again. Companies have found just how effective video conferencing can be and people are bound to say why do we need to pollute the atmosphere just so face to face meetings can take place? And the cost! In any case, with regard to social distancing and plane travel, how on earth can the two be compatible? I think HS2 will be scrapped – do we need to get from one city to another 15 minutes faster? Surely the reduced speed of life we’ve found in lockdown will make that obvious. On the other hand, I feel sure personal car driving will return – let’s face it, if you are in a car on your own you are less likely to come into contact with others, who might have CV19. Taxation will be a big issue later this year. There is no point increasing company taxation, because almost all companies will be struggling anyway. So personal taxation seems the only sure way the Government can reduce debt. I have found it very difficult to understand why individual Health Trusts are buying their own PPE. In some cases one trust is bidding against another. The NHS would have immense buying power if acting as a single unit.  On the subject of the economy again, globalism is likely to take a hit and protectionism will become the norm. Source: A Management Consultant.

Things our parents taught us: ESP (extra sensory perception): “Put your coat on. Do you think I don’t know when you are cold?”

And: Contortionism: “Just look at the dirt on the back of your neck.”