Don’t forget to clap for our NHS workers tonight at 8pm. They are under enormous and increasing pressure.


Why is it that when petrol is down to £1.02 a litre you aren’t allowed to drive your car? Some cars are now doing 3 weeks to the gallon.

And why is it that when the weather is sunny and warm you can’t go to the beach?

Why is the postman wearing gloves?

How come total strangers are so chatty?

Why is your house so neat, clean and tidy? It’s not always been that way.

Who knew you were such a keen gardener?

Why didn’t we prepare for a pandemic like Covid 19? Why don’t we prepare for snow in winter? Because it only ever happens once in 30 years. Is that acceptable? It’s a fine line between caution and cost.

What is South Glos Council doing? They have set up a community co-ordinating committee where local people come together to tell what’s happening in their area – and there is a big difference between Yate and Oldbury and Olveston. So far, Olveston Parish has been lucky with only a few cases of Coronavirus, all of which have been successfully contained. That’s not the case in some parts of South Gloucestershire.

One thing that is definite, is that South Glos Council is actively repairing potholes whilst the roads are quiet. So do report any potholes you see – “Report a pothole South Glos”.

Seen in a church magazine: Jim Bowen and Alice Newsome were married last Saturday. So ends a friendship that started in school.