The re-opening of St Mary’s for Sunday prayer is proving to be exceptionally successful. The first 10am service on 5th July was attended by 29 people and last Sunday that number rose to 33. At the moment the pews are not in use, the alternative seating arrangement has involved removing the altar rails and placing the new stackable chairs in 2 semi-circular rows around the altar.

This arrangement allows everyone to be 2 metres from their neighbour. In addition hand sanitiser is mandatory at the door and immediately prior to receiving communion. Our next service is this coming Sunday, 19th at 10am.

A local family making the news at the moment is the Macaskills and daughter Natasha. Last week Angus and Fiona set out in their light aircraft to break a Guinness world record. The challenge was to take-off and land at more than 50 airfields in the space of 12 hours. In fact they managed 71 in the allotted time. Ratification is awaited.

In the meantime, Natasha, over the past two months has been enticing cyclists to stop for a piece of cake outside St Mary’s on a Sunday. She makes a voluntary charge of 50p. Amazingly, a day’s takings can result in between £40 – £80!!! The money raised goes to the North Bristol Foodbank, Well done Natasha – great initiative.

The Parish Council received a complaint this week from an Alveston resident about the cutting of grass verges, the result of which doesn’t help with the setting of wild flower seeds. Although the (Olveston) Parish Council cuts all the grassed amenity areas in Olveston parish, South Glos Streetcare cuts the road verges. This is mainly done for sight-line safety purposes. One can see both points of view.

Speed Watch is another responsibility handled by our Parish Council. It was managed by Cllr Adrian Baxter, but he resigned in January and Speed Watch has fallen dormant. It will however, be re-born in August. A number of local residents are extremely keen to see this happen and with their active support you may expect to spot the speed cameras quite frequently. Particular areas of concern are The Street and Haw Lane in Olveston; Upper Tockington Road and Washingpool Hill in Tockington. Fortunately, due to lockdown, the volume of traffic has diminished but it will no doubt rise again come September.

And now, your weekly humour:

The vicar called to see me recently. He looked me over and said “At your advanced age you should be thinking about the hereafter.” I replied “Oh but I do, all the time. In the Kitchen, in the Lounge, in the garden. I am always thinking now, what am I here after?”