The editor is on holiday, however:

A Tockington village character has passed away at a great age. Kenny Neale lived on the Green all his life. He worked on the land and was a gardener for many local people. He was famous for standing on the corner of the Green waving to every person, cyclist and driver who passed, regardless of whether or not he knew them. It was another village icon, Michael Dowdeswell, who realised that Kenny had different waves for different people. Locals he knew, had one distinctive wave of the hand, those he didn’t, another. In total Mike calculated that there were 7 motions, all different but each one significant. Kenny was a lovely man who always had a friendly word for friends and strangers alike. They don’t make them like that anymore..

An interesting idea is being bandied around at the moment. Would it be possible to use churches as “banks” in rural areas where cash is still important but difficult to get hold of? It is estimated that 15% of the population still relies on cash as opposed to cards. Certainly the advent of Covid 19 has speeded up the use of cards to the point where some establishments will not accept cash.

Discussions among the clergy at St Mary’s about starting up a Sunday evening, or late afternoon, service continue, but no decision has yet been made. Sunday morning congregation numbers vary, one Sunday there were 56 attending. This sort of number puts a big strain on social distancing. Two meters apart is difficult to maintain.

And now, your humour:

A young boy was gazing at the names on the war memorials in St Mary’s church when he was approached by the vicar. “Who are all these people?” he asked. The vicar replied “They all died in service.” The little boy then asked “Would that have been the 10 o’clock service or the 6 o’clock service?”