The residents  of Olveston, Tockington and Old Down proved themselves as helpful and compassionate to others during the lockdown. We have all heard the selfless stories of neighbours, and strangers even, looking after people they had never previously met. Some of these helpers incurred quite significant motoring costs. And whilst many volunteers didn’t want any reimbursement, there were others whose costs, quite rightly, needed to be addressed.

St Mary’s church leaders applied to South Glos Council for a grant and were awarded £400. Six volunteers received amounts between £30-60 and the balance remaining went to two local foodbanks.

Whilst on the subject of foodbanks, Paul Harrod would like everyone to know that St Mary’s welcomes all gifts intended for the North Bristol Foodbank, the same way it did before. So please drop off whatever you can give. He also notes that some people now make a financial contribution.

Last Sunday, 25th, saw one of the most profitable “cakes for cyclists” days. Natasha Harrod was continually replenishing he cake stall outside the church and received £70 in donations that day – all of which goes to the North Bristol Foodbank.

St Mary’s church fete, scheduled for August, has had to be cancelled. It is however, hoped that the Harvest Supper will go ahead – more details soon.

St Mary’s will be holding its Annual General Meeting (APCM) on Sunday 4th October at 11:30am.

Part of The Green, in Tockington will be closed on 22nd August for several days to allow a gas main to be re-laid – please see the earlier announcement on this page. Traffic will be diverted to run on that section of The Green outside The Swan Inn.

The Swan Inn re-opened on 6th July and is serving food and drink. The Fox Inn has also re-opened but is not selling food.

Do remember that St Mary’s, Olveston is holding a regular Holy Communion Service every Sunday at 10am (all necessary restrictions in place), and that the church is open on Sundays and Wednesdays from 9am to 5pm.

And now, your weekly dose of humour:

A young boy goes into the hairdressers. The barber whispers in to a customer’s ear “Here comes the stupidest boy I’ve ever met. Watch, I’ll show you.” So he walks over to the boy and puts out his open hands. In one is a £5 note and in the other a £2 coin. “Which do you want?” says the barber. The boy looks at both hands and chooses the £2 coin. “Told you” says the barber.

Outside the shop the customer says to the boy “Why did you take the £2 coin?” The boy replies “As soon as I pick the £5 note, the game’s over.”