On Sunday 4th October a thanksgiving service was held to commemorate Mrs June Robbins’ 44 years as Verger to St Mary’s church. At the same time June was elevated to Sacristan. The position of Sacristan is a very ancient post, the holder of which becomes responsible for all the silverware and other valuable vessels in a church. In this picture June is being blessed by three clergy – Stephen Oram, Philip Rowe (who was St Mary’s vicar for 19 years) and David Moss. The Rev Ann Parker also played an important hosting part in the ceremony.

Harvest: our Harvest Service will be held on this coming Sunday, 11th, at 11am (please note the time change). Members of the community at large who helped provide and care for our parishioners during lockdown have been invited to join in the service. Normally we would lay on food and drink but current regulations make this impossible.

The APCM, or AGM, was held after last Sunday’s holy communion morning service. Thirty seven members were present. Thanks were given to Lis Whitford and Judy Jones, 2 members of the PCC who resigned after serving one year on the PCC. Nominations were received and approved from Margaret Gibson, Phil Savage and Lyndsey Henniker-Heaton for posts on the PCC. The Treasurer, David Prothero, reported a probable loss for the year 2020 and predicted that income for 2020/21 would probably be 20% down. Whilst regular giving was holding up reasonably well despite church attendances being down due to the pandemic, fund raising activities had been (and will continue to be) hard hit whilst socialising is severely restricted.

The Monday Movie Club had been hoping to re-open this month with a film showing on the 19th October, but ongoing restrictions make this impossible. The good news however, is that Movie Master Trevor Anderson, has had a successful hip operation and continues his recovery. May we also wish Trevor Cook a speedy recovery from his operation.

And now, something to make you smile:

A Jehovah’s Witness knocked on the door of an old lady in Orchard Rise. Sure enough as soon as he announced himself the old lady slammed the door, but it bounced open again. “Go away” she said and slammed the door again. But still it bounced open. “I’ve told you to go away” she shouted.

“I will” said the Jehovah’s Witness “But I think you should move your cat”