Another local business which is working so hard to keep us all fed is the Crusty Loaf. This is a family run business which was established before the start of time – well almost. As you probably know customers MUST telephone their order, there are no exceptions. It’s sad to report that like the Village Stores, some customers are verbally abusive to staff. Perhaps they should be named and shamed.

Following on from yesterday’s report regarding the re-printing of our carol service sheets, a very comprehensive guide to the church has been prepared by Mrs Audrey Shepherd. It has been printed, at her own expense, and will be on sale once the present crisis is over. Audrey is something of an expert on churches and is a member of the U3A group which travels the country looking at interesting places of worship. The booklet is 8 pages long and gives a brief history of St Mary’s and its quirky features, but focuses mainly in great detail on the many stained glass windows and their history and meaning.

The National Churches Trust has just granted St Mary’s Tower Appeal £20,000, very generous indeed and a great boost to the appeal. This organisation was formed in 1953 and since then has made over 12,000 grants and loans to churches throughout the country, keeping them in good repair and ongoing use. They work without funding from Government or elsewhere, just financed by supporters. Anyone can join and new members are welcome.