Normal – what is normal today?


Normal – the clock on the church tower still tells the right time.

Abnormal – the church is closed.

Normal – a pot of colourful flowers outside the White Hart.

Abnormal – the pub is closed.

Normal – Olveston Stores and the Crusty Loaf are open.

Abnormal – queueing to get in.

Normal – dogs out walking (loads of them).

Abnormal – a wild boar early one morning in Tockington.

Normal – people out walking.

Abnormal – in the middle of the road?

Normal – people chatting in the streets.

Abnormal – standing on opposite sides of the street.

Normal – white delivery vans.

Abnormal – no cars.

Normal – cyclists.

Abnormal – thousands of them.

Seen in a church magazine: The Low Self Esteem group will meet in church next Thursday. Please use the back door.