Church life – Village life:

With the church closed there isn’t much life in it, but members of the congregation still stay in touch with each other by phone. Poor June Robbins is self isolating in a big way and hasn’t seen a soul other than her 2 nephews for 4 weeks. A phone call wouldn’t go amiss.                                             Meanwhile, Chris Smart has galvanised the graveyard squad to mow the grass and tend the weeds – whilst practising health and safety combined with social distancing – so that all will be neat and tidy. Stella Chick is hoping to plant more wildflower seeds at the bottom of the graveyard around the hornbeam sapling. St Mary’s graveyard, like hundreds of others, is very important to many people; it is a place of memories, contemplation and reflection, so thanks to all those (some aren’t even churchgoers) who look after it for us all.

Village life has more vitality these days. It seems easier to talk to total strangers whilst queueing outside the village shop. At the same time it is strange to watch people crossing over the road to avoid contact with others. So there is a contrast – connection and disconnection. Blessed are we with the weather – just imagine what this lockdown would have been like were we just entering October last year – 5 months of rain to follow.

With so much more interest in walking these days, a visit to the Olveston and Aust community website is well worthwhile. It takes you to A Forgotten Landscape where many unusual and interesting walks can be found. Some are short and others quite arduous, take your pick.

The TV news showing nurses and doctors applauding one of their own who has recovered from Covid 19 was moving – there must have been over 100 of them. One wonders who was looking after the patients!

Seen in a church magazine: A talk on drugs will be given at the next Mothers’ Union meeting. This will be followed by a bring and buy sale.