The Summer Ball. Tockington Manor School has decided that it would be unwise to have a marquee this Summer, which of course impacts on our Ball. It has therefore been postponed but with the possibility of holding the event later in the year.

The Parish Council recently instructed their local contractor to repaint the Tockington phone box and generally spruce up the 3 bus shelters in the Parish.

We all know that politicians – including local council ones – are attention seekers and love publicity, so it was with a degree of scepticism that one watched the  leader of South Glos Council, Toby Savage, on television out with the  bin men. UNTIL, he said he’d done THREE shifts with the waste collection men. We are impressed.

The Graveyard Team (can anyone suggest a more endearing term?) will be cutting the grass again this week. A quick inspection on Tuesday showed it still to be neat and tidy, though a light trim wouldn’t hurt. Well done Chris Smart and all your volunteers.

A New England: life after lockdown

“I think that once lockdown finishes, working from home will be the new norm, by popular request. Obviously one’s work ethic will be important, but from my point of view, working at home saves me having to solve other people’s IT problems, leaving me free to be more productive. A side benefit of this is that social distancing becomes easier. People should be given the option. I’ve been very impressed by the work of the NHS and hope that after lockdown and after the inevitable post mortems, it will be given the international respect it deserves. I do think, however, that it would benefit from an overhaul of management. When flying is resumed, I think everyone will want to take a holiday. What has to be essential, is some form of health screening at all airports. Automatic heat screening devices must be in place and this should continue in to the distant future. Hopefully, personal hygiene will improve – just think of all the people who have handled the packet of cornflakes you’ve just picked off the supermarket shelf. I take all shopping items home and sanitise them before putting them away. Then I wash my hands again. Source: a graphic designer.

Church humour: The service was about to start when the Devil himself appeared in the doorway. There was panic and everyone ran from the church in fear. Except one old man. The Devil approached him and said “Do you know who I am?” “Yes” replied the old man “You’re Satan.”  The Devil said “Are you afraid of me?” “No” said the man. “Don’t you know that I can kill you with just one word or cause you excruciating pain for all infinity, so why aren’t you afraid of me?” said the Devil, to which the old man replied “I’ve been married to your sister for 48 years.”