Closed means? Depends who you are actually. We are getting used to St Mary’s being closed to you and me, but it seems that some people – the vicar in particular – might be permitted to hold a service in church. Provided they are on their own. The Bishop of London has told all her clergy that it IS in order for them to hold services in their churches alone, although this is in direct contravention of the Archbishops’ instructions. To a lay person this seems quite sensible, no vicar should be barred from his/hers own church – whatever the circumstances.

Light at the end of the tunnel? It has been three weeks since we were all placed in lockdown plus social distancing to boot. Most people seem to have coped quite well in our community but no doubt the chance to redecorate the lounge or tend to the garden may be starting to pall. So when will this all end? The answer of course is that no one knows, but there is a glimmer of hope. Over the past 2 or 3 days, the media have reported that experts are turning their minds to this issue. A week ago there was no talk at all of this.

Seen in a church magazine: Weight watchers are meeting in the church on Thursday. Please use the double doors at the side.