By Martin Gibson: contact:

We are RE-OPENING! St Mary’s will open its doors on a phased basis with effect from PALM SUNDAY 28th MARCH starting at 09:30 (please note time).

On GOOD FRIDAY 2nd APRIL the church will host a reflective service with organ and choral music between 13:00 and 15:00

Then, on EASTER SUNDAY (4th) and again at 09:30 there will be a celebratory service of Holy Communion. It would be most helpful if you let either Martin Gibson 616856 or Debbie Harries 613273 know that you intend to be present on Easter Sunday. This will help us to safely arrange the seating.

Come SUNDAY 18th APRIL church will hold services EVERY SUNDAY – at 09:30. WEDNESDAY services of Holy Communion will recommence permanently on 21st APRIL.

EVENSONG services (a combination of Evensong & 1662 plus Holy Communion on the 3rd Sunday of each month) start again on SUNDAY 18th APRIL at 18:00.

The funeral of Rita Hitchcock takes place in St Mary’s on Thursday 18th March at 10:45. Due to Government restrictions the number of people who can attend is limited so you are requested to contact the family if intending to be present.

The same rules referred to immediately above have been relaxed for our Community Speedwatch. Team members were out again last Monday watching vehicles coming up Lower Tockington Road. Over the course of an hour 9 cars/vans out of 72 were travelling in excess of 35mph – in a 30mph area.

The regular cleaning of St Mary’s church has been carried out gratis by Tim Auburn over the past couple of years. Tim’s health just isn’t good enough right now to allow him to continue, so at its meeting last week the PCC agreed that a paid cleaner would be employed. A suitable person has still to be found.

This website now carries a CAF facility on the Home Page. It allows anyone to make an online donation to St Mary’s. Before long people will be able to make a gift IN church rather than having to fumble around with cash. CASH, remember cash – oh how we move with the times!

On Tuesday evening the Parish Council’s Recreation & Leisure committee listened to a presentation on Bio Diversity from Mel Rackham and Richard Lloyd. New councillor Martyn Suker will be the link with the BD group. It is likely that plans to rack up tree planting and other eco friendly policies will be adopted.

And finally:

My wife just stopped and said “You weren’t even listening were you?”

I thought “That’s a pretty weird way to start a conversation.”