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Services: Sunday 20th June 9:30am Holy Communion with Rev Ann Lloyd. 6pm Evening Prayer, Rev David Moss

Much debate currently over whether or not the Bristol Concert Orchestra can perform in St Mary’s as originally planned in July. The issues centre around Covid regulations. Detailed Risk assessments have been prepared for public performances by both St Mary’s and the BCO. which appear to meet Government requirements, but there is a fear that even with these in place there may be too many people reluctant to attend thus making the event unviable. More news when available.

Another event which hopefully meets the regulations is an open garden afternoon at Peter & Tessa Floyd’s house, Merryhole, Old Down. This is to be held on Sunday 27th June between 2-5pm. Unfortunately tea and cakes cannot be served. The Floyd’s garden is a gorgeous oasis and all proceeds go to the church.

The funeral of Trevor Anderson takes place in St Mary’s on Tuesday 29th June at 12 noon. There has been a relaxation in the number of permitted mourners which now stands at 60, so there will be plenty of room for us all to say farewell to our friend.

George Hargreaves was recently involved in a car accident a week ago. His was the only vehicle involved and thankfully, whilst he was taken to hospital, he is recovering well. George, you are in everyone’s thoughts.

The Parish Council is very busy at the moment. It has approved redecoration and roof repairs to the Queen Alexandra Memorial Pavilion at Old Down (the football pitch) and work should start before the month end. The Football Club, which now has 2 very successful Ladies teams, is planning a complete revamp of its changing rooms – taking them from early 20th century into the 21st. Arranging the money and getting suitable contractors may well take some months but the plan is for it to be completed by next Summer.

Bio diversity is high on the agenda with a new councillor, Martyn Suker from Olveston, taking the lead. Martyn has worked for the BBC and ITV and is well connected in the nature world.

The parish council is not responsible for footpaths – that is the duty of the landowner and then South Gloucs. We do however have a volunteer footpath warden who does sterling work, even cutting back some overgrowth. Complaints are sometimes made, especially in the Summer when paths become difficult to access and if these reach the parish council it will always try to mediate first. There are some residents however, who become extremely belligerent towards our footpath warden. This has been recorded.

A recent inspection of the council’s play areas was made by RoSPA and a number of defects to equipment noted. Councillors have been attending to these issues in person.

And finally:

From my latest mailbag:

Dear Mrs. T – I think you should write to the Archbishop concerning your ideas about a ‘Politically Correct’ Bible. Yes, in these enlightened times, I do think it’s a good idea and the feeding of the five thousand may have been as you say, as many as ten thousand if you count the women and children but I’m not altogether sure that it will catch on. Perhaps you could rewrite two or three of the longer Gospels so that it will give people a ‘feel for it’ and ask your vicar to read them out during one of your Services.

Dear Bishop – I’m trying to find someone to represent you in court, I’m sure she won’t win you know, so keep your chin up.