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The BBC Panorama programme on Monday revealed unnerving details about racism in the Church of England. It was disturbing to learn that Bishop Mike had used racially stereotyped language in relation to a person of colour. Bishop Viv has since said she will strive to eliminate racism and we all approve of that. The downside however is that no doubt more resources, money, will be taken away from supporting front line clergy. It never ceases to amaze that people at the top of their trees, like bankers, lawyers, finance managers and the like, and now the Bishops of our church, seem to be so ignorant in matters of sensible political correctness.

Evening Services resumed last Sunday at 6pm and will continue weekly. Sixteen people attended. Holy Communion will be administered most Sundays except the 2nd Sunday of the month when it will be held in the morning.

A relatively new resident in Olveston passed away suddenly last week. Noel O’Brien lived with his partner of over 30 years, Sally, in Church Hill. He was very well known to classic car enthusiasts all over the world through his business based just off the A38 at Alveston, Bristol Classic Car Restoration. Noel was just 65.

With Sunday evening services starting again there is a need for two or three more people to act as sidespersons please let me know if you can help, it’s only once every 6 weeks or more.

Advance notice of the closure of Vicarage Lane in June for BT Outreach works. Does any other parish have the same number of BT Outreach vans and engineers as Olveston does? It’s almost as if they are reproducing.

And finally;

At the Easter Day service the Vicar made a startling announcement. “I realise that I won’t be seeing you again for a long time, possibly not until next Easter, so may I wish you a happy Christmas and a merry New Year,”