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Sunday 6th June 9:30am Holy Communion led by Rev Ann Lloyd. 6pm Evening Prayer with Rev David Moss

The Archdeacon, Ven Neil Warwick hosted last Sunday’s morning service of Holy Communion. His sermon centered around “glimpses of God”. Neil turns out to be a twitcher and mentioned the 2 occasions he had glimpsed kingfishers. He also recounted the occasion of a full submersion baptism when both he and the 14 year old girl caught a transitory glimpse of God as she emerged from the baptism pool.

Going green. The PCC has endorsed a switch of energy supplier which will mean that at least a part of our gas supply will come from sustainable sources. The cost will be higher than normal mains gas, but the PCC is keen to be a part of all things environmentally friendly.

Your prayers are asked for Trevor & Isobel Anderson. Trevor is struggling with a number of illnesses which make life very difficult for him, despite having recently spent 9 days in hospital. Isobel is not in the best of health either and also has to care for Trevor. Their son lives next door so is able to help.

The final total for the Plant and Produce sale 10 days ago was £365. An amazing sum bearing in mind the weather.

After a year of being left to nature, the inside of St Mary’s will be deep-cleaned again on Friday 4th June. Cleaning starts at 10:00am and if you would like to help please come along. No experience necessary.

South Glos Council is planning to resurface a section of road outside Windmill House, which is rather strange as it seems to have no defects. Cllr Matthew Riddle’s attention has been brought to the very poor road surface on the same road as it approaches Alveston. He agrees that resurfacing here would be of greater benefit, but………………………

The Parish Council has now received its second wholly owned VAS speed camera and this was deployed on the Alveston Road on Monday. It is currently not displaying any images but is collecting data. Once it is switched on (this Friday) the effect it has on motorists can be compared with the earlier data. The other camera was moved to the 20mph zone outside St Mary’s church on the same day and again will become live on Friday.

And finally:

Here are my responses to the latest letters in my post bag.

Dear Miss K – (Are you the same Miss K that wrote concerning a certain Archdeacon’s wife sitting in your seat?). Believe me, I know how you feel, a hot Summer’s Sunday morning, a rush to get to church on time and then to find somebody else in your parking place, as you say not for the first time but the third time in as many weeks. And you’d politely asked them not to park there on both the previous occasions. What is more, I definitely think the owner of the car is biased, just because he’s a petrol pump attendant and sold you a can of petrol the day before, doesn’t mean to say you purposely set fire to his car. I fully believe you when you say you saw some grass on fire, looked in your boot for water and saw a can and used that to put the fire out (how is the gardener?). It is a great pity about the other cars though, but I’m glad yours wasn’t touched. By the way who was the ‘ranting lunatic’ as mentioned in the local paper who set fire to three fire engines, two police cars and the ‘Jingle Bells’ ice cream van?

Dear Bishop – I will write you under separate cover about your “little problem”. But you must be careful about whom you give your ring to.