Services: Sunday 11th July 9:30am Matins with Rev Ann Lloyd. 6pm Holy Communion with Rev David Bone

The ARK BUS will arrive on Saturday 17th July in Dawes Yard (opposite the Village Stores). This is a Christian based all-churches initiative (led by the Methodist church) for children. It’s like an adventure playground on wheels. Everyone is welcome, especially children between 3 and 11 years old – so bring your kids or your grandchildren between 10:30-12 noon

The PCC will be meeting on meeting on Wednesday 21st July, IN PERSON, at St Mary’s. It is highly likely that the financial arrangements which the PCC has in place for our focal priest, Steve Oram, will be reviewed.

Below is a picture of the first of the stone pinnacles for the tower, being inspected by Janet McBride. The original pinnacles were made of Bath (freestone) stone but, being very exposed to the weather, especially South Westerly rain and wind, they aged rapidly. Therefore the architects recommended using this French stone which should be far more durable.

Thornbury High Street, currently closed to traffic, is likely to reopen as a one-way system allowing vehicular delivery access to shops and venues. It is more than likely however, that motorists will use it to travel straight through the town. Traffic will enter the High Street at the pump (The Plain) and exit at Chapel Street. A number of additional “blue badge” parking spaces will be created.

The Community Speedwatch Team (an Olveston Parish Council project) has restarted now that Covid restrictions have been relaxed. Yesterday the team was out on the Lower Tockington Road at Hardy Lane, watching vehicles coming into the village. Out of 60 vehicles seen, 5 were exceeding 35mph (it’s a 30mph zone) and their details have been passed to the police.

And finally:

As a tribute to our recently departed friend, Trevor Anderson, here is an article first published in Meeting Point (with permission) in April 1996 & written by Dr Rovert (Rovert is of course Trevor spelt backwards):

Hollow Cables Threat: A few months ago a Bristol based power company was set up in the gas supply business to cash in on the gas market when it opens up to competition. I have recently learned that there is now a bid from them to transport natural gas from Pucklechurch to the new Seabank Power Station at Avonmouth.

I have just seen the design and am appalled to find that it is proposed to transfer the gas inside hollow overhead cables. They say this will cause less damage than an underground pipe line. They also say it will be far cheaper, because the overhead cables will be able to carry both gas and electricity.

Bristol University Physics Department has looked at the design and a spokesman insists that the electro-magnetic fields around the power lines will create considerable turbulence in the gas being conveyed. Their research shows that people living near such pipelines are at a greater risk of developing severe flatulence.

A “branch” line will collect high quality methane gas from Olveston quarry. This branch line will pass directly over Olveston village. We MUST protest about this. Please sign Alan Taylor’s petition which will be available in the newsagents on 1st April.

From this week’s mailbag:

Dear Bishop – I shouldn’t come home for a little while, your first wife is creating stink about your latest wife. She seems to think she’s still married to you